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Oversized or misshaped ears can cause embarrassment for both children and adults. Fortunately, otoplasty (ear surgery) in Tucson, Arizona, can do a great deal to correct the ears and boost self-esteem.

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A Word from Your Otoplasty Specialist

The ears can be a constant burden for those who aren't happy with the way they look, or for those who experience teasing or bullying because of their ears. Otoplasty is a relatively simple procedure that corrects protruding ears and can be highly rewarding at any age.

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A Word from Your Otoplasty Specialist

Arun Jay Rao, M.D.

Making an Informed Decision
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Why otoplasty may be right for me

In Tucson, otoplasty with Dr. Rao is ideal for those who feel their ears have any of these characteristics:

  • Stick out too far
  • Irregular shape (congenital or due to trauma)
  • Too big

Dr. Rao also performs otoplasty to correct poor results from a previous ear surgery. This procedure helps to improve the contours and general appearance of the ears, face and head.

My results

Results are almost immediate and incision lines are usually well-hidden. Some people choose to complement their ear improvements with procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin, cheek or lip implants or other forms of plastic surgery.

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