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Here in Tucson, we're known for high temperatures for most of the year. But Dr. Arun Rao knows that his patients need something cool to look their best in the warm Arizona sun — and CoolSculpting is just the thing. Without surgery, needles, or anesthesia, CoolSculpting selectively freezes away pockets of unwanted fat for a smooth, contoured silhouette — no matter the season.

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A Word from Your CoolSculpting Specialist

CoolSculpting is truly a breakthrough treatment for fat removal. My patients are amazed at the results they can get from such comfortable, quick treatments. They just sit back and relax, and the CoolSculpting system takes care of everything.

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A Word from Your CoolSculpting Specialist

Arun Jay Rao, M.D.

Making an Informed Decision
Learn About CoolSculpting

Why CoolSculpting may be right for me

Women and men alike rely on CoolSculpting for the extra help they need to smooth away their trouble spots when diet and exercise aren't enough. The CoolSculpting system comes with several applicators that are especially contoured to fit various parts of the body. Popular treatment areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks or "love handles"
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Back or "bra bulge"
  • Double chin

Developed by Harvard-based physicians, CoolSculpting uses a patented technology called Cryolipolysis® to selectively freeze and destroy fat cells. Because fat cells are more vulnerable to cold than other tissue, CoolSculpting targets only these cells, leaving muscle and skin unharmed.

The procedure is completely noninvasive and doesn't require any sort of anesthesia or aftercare, so you may return to your regular daily routine as soon as your appointment is over.

My procedure

CoolSculpting is a comfortable, simple procedure. Once you check in at our Tucson office, we'll bring you to a private treatment room where you can make yourself comfortable.

Dr. Rao first applies a cool, moist gel pad to the area to be treated. This helps to regulate the temperature of the treatment and ensure precise results. Dr. Rao then places the applicator against your skin.

The CoolSculpting device uses suction to keep the treatment area steady, and you'll feel this sensation during the treatment. The device then cools the treatment area for about an hour. During this time, you're free to read, browse the internet, or just relax.

My results

The results of your CoolSculpting treatment are not immediate. Instead, your results will gradually develop over the course of several weeks. This gives your body plenty of time to metabolize the damaged fat cells. You can expect your most dramatic results to become more evident after about 3 months.

By following a healthy lifestyle, including good diet and exercise habits, your results can last indefinitely.

Related enhancements

Depending on where on your body you have CoolSculpting performed, you may find that your results are enhanced with laser resurfacing or even the use of an injectable filler. In many cases, these procedures can be performed in a single session. During your consultation, Dr. Rao works with you to develop a complete treatment plan that's likely to give you the precise results you want.