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Rhinoplasty Case #29

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Procedures Performed
  • Rhinoplasty

This is a 21 year old woman that had come to Rao Plastic Surgery because she was unhappy with the appearance of her nose. She denied any previous trauma to her nose and she denied any allergies or problems breathing. In our discussion I learned that she was bothered most by the dorsal hump on her nose. She also mentioned that she wanted to improve her nasal tip. During my examination her intranasal exam did not reveal a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates.  On external exam I noted that she had a large dorsal hump. I also noted that she had she had a slight drooping of her nasal tip and that she would benefit from better definition and support of her nasal tip. I explained that I would perform an open rhinoplasty using a small incision in her columella, the area between her nostrils, and internal incisions in her nose.  The advantage of an open rhinoplasty is that it allows for the best visualization of the internal nasal structures and it provides better access to address her nasal tip. Her surgery was performed at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. Using an open rhinoplasty incision, I was able to expose her dorsal nasal hump. Her nasal hump was a combination of cartilage and bone and I removed the hump to create a smooth contour for her nose. In order to increase the rotation of her nasal tip I performed a cephalic trim of the lower lateral cartilages of her nose. I improved her tip definition using nondestructive tip suturing techniques. In order to close her open roof deformity that was created with reducing her dorsal hump, I performed percutaneous osteotomies. She did not have any nasal packing after her surgery and she wore a splint for one week. Even though there was postoperative swelling still present when the splint was removed at her first post-operative appointment, she could already see an amazing improvement in her profile. She is now six months out from her surgery and she is extremely happy with her result. She states that she now has the nose she has always wanted. 

Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao

Age: 21
Gender: Female

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