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Breast Reduction Tucson

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  • Breast Reduction

This is a 53 year old woman who had come to our Tucson, Arizona office for a breast reduction consultation. She had been experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain for years and had always felt she had large breasts since she was a teenager.  She also had begun getting rashes in her inframammary folds as well as her bra strap grooving. At the time of her consultation she was wearing a 40 DD bra and she wanted to be a full c or d bra cup after her breast reduction. Her exam did not reveal any masses and her mammogram was normal. I felt she was a great candidate for a breast reduction. She underwent a breast reduction at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. She had over 2 pounds removed from each breast during her breast reduction. Postoperatively, she had done well and was back to her job in Tucson within one week. At her first postop visit she was not experiencing any back, neck or shoulder pain. All of the symptoms she had been experiencing prior to her breast reduction have resolved.  She is wearing a C cup bra and finds it easier to find clothes now that her breasts are smaller. She is 6 months out from her breast reduction and she is leading the active lifestyle that she has always wanted to lead in Tucson. She only regrets waiting as long as she did to have her breast reduction. 

Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao

Age: 53
Gender: Female

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