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Breast Augmentation Case #6

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Procedures Performed
  • Breast Augmentation

When this 24-year-old woman came in seeking a breast augmentation, she was unsure about what type of implants would work best for her. As she explained when she arrived at our Tucson, Arizona practice, she was very active and in good shape, but had never felt that her breasts were proportional to her tall frame. Currently she was B cup – her goal was to be a full C cup after her breast augmentation. During her consultation we decided together that she was a good candidate for a submuscular breast augmentation. We discussed various breast implant options, and ultimately chose a smooth round silicone implant which would give her the upper pole fullness that she was looking for.  Based on her base width and her aesthetic goals, we determined that a 350 cc Moderate Profile Plus Smooth Round Mentor Implant was the best choice for her. She does not have any children but was curious how a breast augmentation might impact her ability to breast feed. I explained to her that silicone breast implants do not prevent one from breast feeding and that the silicone content in formula is higher than the silicone content in the breast milk of a patient that has undergone a breast augmentation. Her breast augmentation was performed in an outpatient surgery center adjacent to our Tucson, Arizona office. An inframammary incision was used to create a submuscular pocket in which to place her breast implants. Her surgery was on a Friday and by the next Monday she was able to do light activities, and she was back at work within a week. She is 10 months out from her breast augmentation and she loves her new look.

Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao

Age: 24
Gender: Female

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