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Breast Augmentation Case #54

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Procedures Performed
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Mommy Makeover

This is a 22 year old woman from Tucson, Arizona that came to Rao Plastic Surgery interested in a breast augmentation. She has a two year old child, and she was interested in restoring the breast volume that she lost after breast feeding. She did not have any history of breast problems and denied any family history of breast cancer. During her initial consultation I learned that she was a B cup and was looking to be a full C cup. On physical exam she did not have any ptosis or sagging of her breasts, despite breast feeding.  She did not have any breast masses. She had a base width measurement of 12.3 cm, and with that in mind I felt that a 350 cc implant would work well to achieve her aesthetic goals. Using the Mentor breast implant sizing system she tried on the 350 cc implant and she liked the size. We talked about implant type and shape options. She ended up preferring the smooth round silicone implants.  The patient underwent her surgery at an outpatient center in Tucson, Arizona. Using an inframammary incision her 350 cc smooth round moderate profile plus implants were placed behind her muscle, using a Keller funnel.  She did well with surgery and was sent home from the surgery center recovery room shortly after surgery was finished. Postoperatively, she had an uneventful recovery and was back to work within five days.  She is now three months out from her surgery and she loves her results from her breast augmentation surgery. 

Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao

Age: 22
Gender: Female

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