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Breast Augmentation Case #48

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Procedures Performed
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Mommy Makeover

This a 45 year old mother of two that had come to our Tucson, Arizona Rao Plastic Surgery office to discuss a breast augmentation. She had lost breast volume after breast feeding and was interested in replacing upper pole volume that she had lost. She was an A cup and was hoping to be a full B cup. She had a history of fibrocystic breast disease, but mammograms were unremarkable. On physical exam she had a petite frame with a less than 2 cm pinch test.  She did not have any masses on exam and she did not have any ptosis (sagging) of the breast. She tried on breast implant sizers and like the appearance of a 275 cc implant. We discussed various options for types of implants and we decided together that silicone implants would be a great choice for her because of their more natural feel. Since her goal was upper pole fullness I recommended round implants since that style of implant would better achieve her aesthetic goals as opposed to anatomically shaped implants. We performed her breast augmentation at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson. I used an inframammary incision and placed her breast implants in a submuscular position. We had discussed in her initial consultation that by placing her implants beneath the muscle we would reduce the risk of wrinkling or rippling of the implants. Another advantage of the submuscular position was decreased risk of capsular contraction.  I used 275 cc Mentor moderate plus profile implants and the breast implants were placed using a Keller funnel. She was discharged home after a short stay in the recovery room. She had an uneventful postoperative course and is now four months out from her surgery. She is very happy with the results of her breast augmentation surgery and she loves her new look!


Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao

Age: 45
Gender: Female

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