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Plastic Surgeon Comments on New Wave of Cosmetic Enhancement

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Dr. Arun Rao, a plastic surgery specialist in Tucson, says the world of cosmetic enhancement is changing rapidly. From NBA stars to moms, the patient base is widening on the coattails of new treatments and decreasing social stigmas.

Tucson, Arizona (December 2013) — Dr. Arun Rao, a board-certified plastic surgery specialist in Tucson, says he has noticed that the culture of cosmetic enhancement has changed dramatically in recent years because of decreasing social stigmas and the rise of innovative treatments that are less invasive.

"Statistics show every year that more women and men are looking to enhance their appearance," says Dr. Rao, who performs procedures such as breast augmentation at his practice in Tucson. "With the growth of nonsurgical options such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers, it is easier than ever to transform the way you look on a small or large scale."

With celebrities and even NBA players talking about different treatment options to the media, the culture of cosmetic enhancement has changed from years ago, Dr. Rao says. People used to be "hush-hush" about having cosmetic work performed, he says, but today more people are discussing their treatments and are proud to show off their improvements.

Cosmetic options themselves are also improving all the time, so results of many procedures now look more natural than ever, Dr. Rao says, likely enticing more patients.

More natural-looking breast implants, for instance, which are teardrop-shaped and made of a soft silicone, have only come onto the market in the past few years, and they attracted a whole new demographic of women who had always wanted a boost in size but didn't want an "overdone" look, he says.

"It's exciting to be a part of this 'new wave' of innovation and to work with patients who do not have a stigma about cosmetic surgery," Dr. Rao says. "At my cosmetic surgery practice in Tucson, I'm getting to meet people who are so excited about improving their looks and their lives that they spread the word openly."

Dr. Rao says he thinks cosmetic enhancement will only continue to increase in popularity next year.

"It's becoming more accessible with all the treatment innovations, so more people are considering it," he says. "I'm sure that will be the case for years to come.

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