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Better Breast Augmentation Using the Keller Funnel™

Breast augmentation surgeon in Tucson shares the Keller Funnel process.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures we perform in our Tucson, Arizona, practice. Breast augmentation has undergone many changes since its inception in the 1960s. Most of the changes have involved improvement with the implants themselves.

Breast implants have evolved over the years, from the shell of the implants to the type of material filling the implants. Now there are several different options for breast implants from saline to silicone, smooth to textured, and round to shaped.

There are also several options for the incision and implant pocket. My preferred incision location is in the inframammary fold, with placement of the implant underneath the pectoralis muscle.

One of the big advances in technique for breast augmentation was the invention of the Keller Funnel. This simple device was invented in 2008 and is a way to insert the implant into the surgically created pocket without having to physically touch the implant. By not having to touch the implant and eliminating the implant from touching your skin, you theoretically reduce the risk for implant infection and capsular contracture.

Another advantage of the Keller Funnel is that it allows for a smaller incision. Due to its unique funnel-shaped design, a surgeon can deliver a larger implant through a smaller incision than you would be able to use otherwise.

The amount of force required to insert an implant with the funnel is significantly less, leading to less stress on the implant and less trauma to the tissue.

The Keller Funnel has many advantages for a patient, and thus has become an integral part of my breast augmentation surgery for my Tucson patients. You can see the results I’m able to achieve in my photo gallery.

Breast augmentation surgeon in Tucson shares the Keller Funnel process.

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